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Welcome to Magento 2 Demo & Extensions demo site by Firebear Studio 

On that fresh recent version of Magento 2 Community Edition you will find read-only preview live demo of backend and frontend of Magento 2 

and must have Magento 2 extensions from trusted vendors. And also we will install here various interesting open source and free extensions from Magento 2 Marketplace 

Demo admin user have access to complete Magento 2 backend but with only read permissions - so you can look around but not change. 

Installed extensions: 


  • Improved Import for Magento 2  - import cron jobs, remove source FTP, Dropbox, attributes and values import, categories import, custom CSV mapping ( Login to Magento admin adn explore Stores -> Configuration -> FireBear Studio -> Import / Export ; System -> Import Jobs )
  • Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2   - configurable product options pre-set, dynamic options changes on product page, ( Demo product with dynamic change product attributes, URL, price according to selected option - http://magento2demo.firebearstudio.com/chaz-kangeroo-hoodie-s-orange.html )
  • CoinPayments for Magento 2 extension - Integration with CoinPayments cryptocurrency payment gateway for Magento 2. Enabling customers to use BitCoin, Ethereum and 75+altcoins to pay for goods and services you sell. More that 300k merchants worldwide use CoinPayments for accept cryptocurrency. Join the future now! (You can see backed settings on Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Other Payment Methods. Here, you can find the 'Coin Payments' section that allows you explore the settings. On Checkout select CoinPayments and place the order to see the checkout demo of CoinPayemtns Magento 2 integration)
  • ShapeShift for Magento 2 extension - integration with ShapeShift.io Accept BitCoin , Ethereum and other cryptocurrency without registration and transactions fee! Free extension available on GitHub

Login - demo
Pass - 1q2w3e4r5t

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Magento 2.2 EE New Features:

  • Lots of new B2B features and improvements;
  • Revamped reporting system;
  • Improve fraud protection and security;
  • Mass update of technology stack;
  • New pipeline deployment;
  • Improved indexing, cart, and cache;
  • Increased performance;

Magento 2.2 CE New Features:

  • Better security;
  • Improved developer experience;
  • Updated technology stack;
  • Pipeline deployment;
  • Improved performance including better indexing, cache, and cart operations.

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