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Welcome to Magento 2 Demo & Extensions demo site by Firebear Studio 

On that fresh recent version of Magento 2 Community Edition you will find read-only preview live demo of backend and frontend of Magento 2 

and must have Magento 2 extensions from trusted vendors. And also we will install here various interesting open source and free extensions from Magento 2 Marketplace 

Demo admin user have access to complete Magento 2 backend but with only read permissions - so you can look around but not change. 

Installed extensions: 


Login - demo
Pass - 1q2w3e4r5t

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Magento 2 Documentation | Magento 2 GitHub

Magento 2.2 EE New Features:

  • Lots of new B2B features and improvements;
  • Revamped reporting system;
  • Improve fraud protection and security;
  • Mass update of technology stack;
  • New pipeline deployment;
  • Improved indexing, cart, and cache;
  • Increased performance;

Magento 2.2 CE New Features:

  • Better security;
  • Improved developer experience;
  • Updated technology stack;
  • Pipeline deployment;
  • Improved performance including better indexing, cache, and cart operations.

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